Convierte tu garaje en un espacio de trabajo que funcione.
Apr 2019

If you have a garage, then you’ll know that it can be hard to keep everything in its place and actually have a workspace that works.  There are some incredible garage storage solutions out there which look amazing but cost a fortune.  We’ve got some practical and more affordable suggestions that can transform your garage into a really great workspace. 

Start with storage.  If your garage is anything like mine, you’ll have loads of gear that needs a place to live.  Get some cabinets that are flexible and can swallow up lots of stuff.  We have a wide range of different styles and sizes. 

Simple totes and storage boxes help keep stuff together.  But they need to be tough and extremely durable.   

Gear crates are really useful for all those cables, bottles and, well, just about anything.   

Feel like a pro with our latest rolling tool storage system.  Super practical and stackableKeter Connect is modular and virtually unbreakable.  The sections stack and lock together on a two-wheeled cart, so you can organize and transport exactly the tools and parts you need for every type of job.  

Heavy duty sawhorses and router tables for heavy duty jobs.  Tackle any job, virtually any size with our professional work tables.